Our projects are attracting a new kind of purchaser – the occuvestor.

Occuvestors are an intelligent hybrid. They understand the traditional Australian quarter-acre dream is rapidly shifting to an apartment driven landscape and they’re ready to leverage this progression to their advantage.

Who qualifies as an occuvestor? What are they looking for in a development, and why do they keep finding it at Pace?

In order to understand how occuvestors operate, we need to know where they’ve come from.

An occu-what?

Traditionally, the Australian apartment landscape has been driven by two distinct audience groups: the owner occupier and the investor.

Owner occupiers want to live in their apartment upon completion. They’re driven by emotion and look for light filled rooms, generous amenity and connection to the local community. Owner occupiers want quality finishes that elevate the look and feel of what is set to become their immediate home.

Investors are purchasers who are likely already homeowners. They are financially driven and want to generate greater economic return by securing an apartment delivered by a trusted developer. Investors want strong returns on their purchase generated through rental yield, and long-term capital growth.

Occuvestors are the sophisticated crossbreed of these two groups. As purchasers they are emotionally driven, settling for nothing but the best in in amenity and lifestyle. But beyond this, the occuvestor’s financial drive sees them investing in quality developments that are set to yield returns.