Recent sales at Pace Development Group projects have reached new highs. As a leading developer who takes pride in delivering projects that enrich the communities Melburnians create, stories like these are what we strive for.

In the past few months alone, apartments at Pace of Northcote and at 181 Fitzroy Street have sold for a premium. These sales recorded median profits 9.2% and 4.8% above their off-market rate respectively.

But what’s driving the returns on Pace projects? Who are the astute purchasers reaping the rewards? And most importantly, how can you be equipped to become one?

Read on to find out the three things intelligent buyers are looking for in their next investment.

A trusted developer.
By joining the Pace community, our purchasers benefit from the daily research conducted by our team, and a business grounded in more than more than 20 years’ experience. This dedicated team applies a stringent criterion that all projects must meet to guarantee we secure the best sites in first-class locations across Melbourne.

Premium location.
Every purchaser wants to monopolise “the next big thing,” in property: that untapped suburb on the brink of unprecedented growth. Our purchasers give themselves the edge in this arena by outsourcing much of the labour-intensive research involved in gaining this knowledge to experts.

When we found Pace of Northcote’s site, we knew we had discovered an opportunity for a vital inner-northern community hub. In a recent REIV report, Northcote ranked as one of the highest growth suburbs in Melbourne, positioning it well beside traditional blue-chip suburbs for growth.

Seamless execution.
We only develop homes and communities that people want to live in. Once we’ve secured a location that meets each of our strict requirements, it’s imperative to collaborate with the right architects and interior designers to bring the Pace vision to life.

By continually partnering with the best, for over two decades we have been able to deliver close to 100 projects. As an integrated builder-developer, each of these unique developments has been completed within its expected timeframe to an impeccable standard thanks to our in-house construction and trades teams. The craftsmanship of these teams gives us total quality control over each project. They take the artists impressions delivered in our planning stages and bring them to reality so that you can reap the rewards.

Consideration and due diligence on each of these three aspects puts you in the best position to make a decision that not only exceeds your short-term essentials, as well as delivering returns in the long run.

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