Behind the faithfully preserved St Crispin House façade at Pace of Abbotsford, new beginnings spring within.

Dean Newham bought a townhouse at Pace of Abbotsford as the first step in starting a new life following a separation. 

When he moved in, Dean wanted to showcase his existing art collection but also incorporate something that celebrated both Abbotsford and his own journey.

He commissioned Dan Wenn from 90 Degrees Studios to create a mural spanning the length of his entry stairwell to reference the street art aesthetic of Abbotsford.

Dean says, “Wherever I move, I like to have something in my home that reflects the surrounding suburb. Walking around Abbottsford you can tell the street art community is really strong. Everywhere you go there’s graffiti, it’s a symbol of the neighbourhood.”

Street artist Dan has worked extensively in commercial and residential mural work and he says the trend for commissioned graffiti within the home has been growing for the past few years.

He says the trick to seamlessly integrating a large artwork into a home environment is to keep to a simple colour palette.

Dan says, “I didn’t want to do anything too full on, so as to complement the environment and other pieces in Dean’s collection; if you keep the colours simple, it ties everything together.”

Dean says the finished work turned out to be even more spectacular than he expected, and he can’t wait to invite friends around to see the mural in real life.