Tell me about your purchaser journey - start to finish what was the process of buying at PoSN?

We relocated from Sydney to Melbourne five years ago. Since the move, we set up a business and established ourselves here professionally and socially, and was now time for us to find a more suitable home for us and for our pets (two dogs and two cats). We had an idea to purchase an investment property off the plan while we were looking for our ‘forever home’. We had set criteria, including in the location being an area that had good growth and rental potential for the future. However, when we found our four-bedroom townhouse in Pace’s Sunshine North development right on the river, our plans changed. Rather than being an investment only option, we decided to make it our home.

What appealed most to you about Pace of Sunshine North? 

Driving into the location we were really taken with the site. What appealed to us most about Pace of Sunshine North was its unique position right on the Maribyrnong river, taking in the river and city views.

What attracted you to the idea of living on the riverfront?

Living on a riverfront within 10 kilometres from the centre of Melbourne is a rare opportunity in itself. We love having a natural outlook and appreciate the ways that being close to nature recharges us.

What are you most looking forward to about living on the riverfront?

At the Pace site, you can hear the sound of the river over the little fjord, and the wind through the trees, which will be relaxing. One of us loves gardening, especially in a native garden, so we’re looking forward to making a garden that integrates well with the surroundings by the riverbank. 

In your view, what sets Pace of Sunshine North apart from other developments on market?

The design of the townhouses in terms of style, layout, and size were unmatched in other developments for the price. The role of the superior architect, interior designer, and landscape architect was very apparent to us when comparing this development to others. There is a distinct look to the development that is thoughtful and sophisticated, the materials are of a high quality, and the floorplans appear very functional to us.  

How have you found Pace to work with?

Pace of Sunshine North’s Sales Specialist, Laura Harvey, has been great to work with and guiding us through the process. She has liaised with the architect and developer on our behalf to facilitate a few variations and upgrades, and to secure a deal on the townhouse that we were happy with. Since signing the contract, we’ve called into the display centre several times to see how the development is going. Laura has been very obliging and welcoming, a real pleasure. At the Pace Sunshine North Display Centre, there is a large, scale model of the development. There is also a full-size display kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room to demonstrate the textures and finishes to be used in the development. The promotional materials also include some great architectural renders. All of these things helped us to visualise how the development, and our new home, would look when completed.



For more information on Riverside living at Pace of Sunshine North, contact Laura Harvey on 0437 384 702, or visit the display suite at 322 Duke Street, Sunshine North.