Following the successful launch of this exciting new community, we sat down with Rothelowman Senior Associate Simon Maurice, and Adele Bates herself to learn more about the design philosophy behind Pace of Sunshine North.


What made you pursue careers in architecture, and interior design?

Simon Maurice: I was drawn to architecture because it is a profession that enables designers to enhance people’s daily lives. Our ability to positively influence the way people who engage with our designs is an incredible responsibility. It’s a highlight for me to contribute to the creation of liveable communities like this.

Adele Bates: I always knew I wanted to work in interior design. I’ve been passionate about creating spaces and working on a human scale since I was at high school. To humanise designs right down to the granular details of interior materiality, textiles and furniture gives our team enormous satisfaction.


Tell us about your design response for Pace of Sunshine North?

Simon Maurice: We looked closely at the site and leaned heavily into the opportunities it presented. We knew Pace Development Group wanted to create a liveable neighbourhood at Pace of Sunshine North that directly responds to the needs of the local community. Key for us was the slope of the site. Some architects would look at this as a constraint, but we saw great opportunity to ensure each townhouse benefits from a unique outlook.

Adele Bates: For our team it was about considering who the residents of this project will be and distilling their needs into a design response that feels genuine.


“Our response is pragmatic and ensures residents will get the best from light filled, spacious residences. It manifests in two distinct colour palettes with black tapware, natural timber and consistent detailing. This allows for greater choice, making Pace of Sunshine North feel intimate and personal.”



What are your favourite design features at Pace of Sunshine North’s townhouses?

Simon Maurice: For me, it’s the connection to landscape we have been able to achieve for the community. From the master-planning right through to the orientation of the townhouses, we have ensured residents enjoy a view of Melbourne’s city lights, or the Maribyrnong River.

Adele Bates: It’s hard to pick just one detail, but the custom routing in the kitchen cabinetry is just beautiful. It’s a unique feature that encapsulates the bespoke nature of the project. We spend a lot of time in the studio ensuring we are bringing in a tactile response. In projects of this size and scale, it’s imperative to our team that we focus on the details.


How do you want people to feel when they step inside these homes?

Simon Maurice: I want for people to walk in the front door and feel like they truly are at home, in a place that elevates their experience of daily life. This project is designed to appeal to families who will benefit from the lifestyle it gives them with proximity to local schools and open spaces.

Adele Bates: We want people feel calmed and uplifted. To feel that their home truly is their sanctuary – a place where form and function come together seamlessly to cater to the different rhythms and seasons of their lives.


Construction at Pace of Sunshine North is scheduled to commence this year with completion planned from mid 2019 onwards. With townhouses selling fast, register today to secure your new home.