“Melburnians at every stage of life love being connected to their community.” says Pace Development Group Director of Sales and Marketing, Danielle Titterton.

“We all want access to work, schools and the CBD, so for us a key indicator of the success of a site is its proximity to public transport and major roads.”

But with many centrally located suburbs now over-developed and buyers out-priced, how can you still afford to live a quintessentially Melbourne lifestyle?

Find out from Danielle now.


What attracted Pace to Ascot Vale?

Pace of Ascot Vale’s location is exceptional. It’s on a single tram line that runs from Flinders Street right through to Airport West with major hospitals, universities and local businesses in between. Anyone who lives within the diversity of that line has the potential to call the project home.

Ascot Vale feels like this graceful beauty that’s become a hidden gem. It’s ornate and full of character, and it has a peaceful side to it with the pockets of green space that punctuate the suburb.

What makes a Pace project unique?

What we know is that everyone’s seeking more of a village lifestyle. With all our work, whether it’s Pace of Sunshine North or Pace of Ascot Vale, that’s what we set out to achieve.

Our goal extends well beyond delivering projects. We want to create communities. Our measure of success then becomes, “how can we bring a street to life, and what’s the right building to do that with?”

I’d be horrified if someone saw one of our projects and said, “that’s a Pace building.” We don’t do cookie cutter developments, and we’re proud of what we deliver – that’s why we put our name on our work. All our projects are exciting because they’re the right building for their community.

How does that translate into Pace of Ascot Vale?

The project’s nestled in a little strip of shops that have kind of lost their way. It’s our hope that the development of a Pace community there makes Ascot Vale Village a viable area again. It’s a boutique offering with a Woolworths Metro supermarket and a proposed café, gym and food store so it gives residents and locals that village lifestyle in a new and affordable way.

Who’s taking an interest in the project?

We’re seeing a real blend of people take interest. It’s exciting because that means we’re attracting a diverse and multi-generational community.

Pace of Ascot Vale’s first home buyers are people who love the outdoors. It’s an older suburb, so there are lots of green spaces nearby with running and bike tracks along the Maribyrnong River and Queens Park. It’s the opportune moment to buy if you’re in this group, because you’re set to benefit enormously from future upturn.

Our downsizer community are loving the architecture by Carr Design, and Adele Bates’ interiors. They want the convenience of a lock up and leave lifestyle, but it’s still a fairly new concept. What we want to say to them is this; give yourself the permission to have the lifestyle you want. Pace of Ascot Vale’s the perfect place to do it because it isn’t a traditional apartment building area like Richmond. This project gives you a well-appointed, quality apartment, and allows you to stay close to your community.

What’s one thing you’ve found most people don’t realise about apartment living?

We recently had a beautiful older Italian couple come to look at the Pace of Ascot Vale display suite. They said, “we love the idea of it, but we wouldn’t be able to bring our dogs.”

To that I’d like to say, of course you can! You don’t need to completely ‘declutter’ your life to be able to move into an apartment. We know the importance animals play in people’s lives, and our communities absolutely have a place for them.

So where can you still afford to buy in Melbourne’s inner ring?

Most purchasers have been priced out of inner-city suburbs like Brunswick, Fitzroy, Carlton or Richmond. Few people realise just how close Ascot Vale is to the city, and that’s why Ascot Vale is one of a handful of suburbs that’s still affordable.

Pace of Ascot Vale apartments are currently selling. Register your interest now or visit the display suite at 468 Mount Alexander Road to secure your dream apartment today.